Meat Packaging

Solid Board - Meat and Poultry Packaging

MeatAt Lyburn Supplies we pride ourselves on providing specialised art work to compliment our packaging boxes and our graphic designers are on hand to rise to the challenge of assisting you to re branding and marketing your meat and poultry products. This can range from a one colour print to the best available multi coloured graphics. We can also make packaging boxes to your specified requirements that will help meet your demands of your customers and suppliers.

We can offer packaging boxes that fall into one of two categories of fresh or frozen, for the meat and poultry industry. We offer a variety of packaing boxes to meet your requirements the most common ones used are:

We market these in different board strengths depending on your specifications and requirements.

We can also offer a large collection of Meatainers and Octabins:

Meat and poultry packaging must be strong, durable, as the goods are packed in conditions of high moisture and low temperatures, this will enable you, to with hold the social conditions which surround the packing and delivery of your goods in a safe, contamination free delivery to your customer this will prevent return goods due to them being damaged, and ensure that your goods arrive at the required destination in the condition that they left your premises.

We can supply polylined boxes and non poly lined boxes. Our Poly lined boxes are treated so that you can freeze the product directly in the box without the need for polythene liners saving time, money and the environment and with no risk of the meat sticking to the box. We can offer 4 point glued lids and bases, leak proof bases, 6 point glued box with integral lid, and double long side or double short side bases.