Fish Packaging

Solid Board - Fish Packaging

Fish The material used for packaging in the fish and seafood import and export industry is a water resistant board due to the harsh environment of extreme temperatures and weather conditions with excessive moisture. We pride ourselves on offering innovating solutions to meet your packaging needs and specifications, our graphic designers are on hand to offer new and exciting artwork and ideas and welcome the challenge to assist with product design and identification and branding.

Our fish boxes are built to your specification to meet your required needs; they will consist of a 4 point glued base with a lid varying in sizes depending on what weight you wish to store in the box.

The material used in the fish industry is a water resistant board; this is achieved by laminating both sides and the middle in polythene. This will increase the strength of the box, making it leak proof, regardless of the harsh conditions that the fish would be packed in. These boxes can be easily assembled so your production would not be hindered by laborious erection of the boxes.