Solid Fibreboard Packaging

Environment and Recycling

Corrugated packaging the environmental choice -
Raising awareness of the recyclability of corrugated boxes

As companies look at how they can reduce their ‘carbon footprint’. Many are looking to corrugated packaging to help fulfil both their commercial end environmental needs.

Packaging has come under the spotlight in recent months and consumers are concerned about its impact on the environment. Corrugated boxes offer superb opportunities as they come from a sustainable resource and have an extremely high recycling rate at the end of their useful life.

The recycling performance of the UK corrugated industry speaks for itself:

This means that, by using corrugated packaging instead of less environmentally friendly materials, customers are already on the path to achieving their environmental objectives.

Second, the increasing strength to weight ratio of corrugated board means that it is taking over from materials such as plastic, wood and even metals.